This website is primarily an image gallery devoted to Boulder Opal although there is also a story page and, in the near future, a sales page for Boulder Opal products.

I was actively involved in the Boulder Opal industry from 1975 until 1995. I still have an interest and travel to the fields annually. More recently I have returned to exploration and mining activities working with Rod Griffin in Koroit.

I started my career in the town of Quilpie (pop 737) in the state of Queensland Australia, together with my uncle, Bob Grey.

We learned how to buy rough boulder opal from the miners, cut it and then, sell it.  My mentor was Des Burton founder of Quilpie Opals. We tried our hand at mining early on without success however later in my career, exploration and mining was to become my specialty.

After parting with my uncle, I began my own business before becoming exploration and mining manager of a large opal company. Later I partnered with (Dr.) Brian Senior and Dick Bucknell on several mining projects in the Quilpie district of south western Queensland. In 1993, I won the inaugural Premier’s Award for Environmental Excellence in the Queensland Mining Industry for the restoration and rehabilitation of the Gorge Opal Mine near Sheep Station creek south of Quilpie.

The image gallery on the home page of this site is composed of photographs that I have taken. It shows cut & polished boulder opal stones, rough opal, exploration, mining and rehabilitation. There are also some general images of the boulder opal fields in outback Queensland as well as some beautiful sunset images taken on the fields. I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page.

Sandy Kent author

Sandy Kent, author

Another story: The Goldfinger Boulder Opal Mine and the Parrot Collection.

YouTube Video channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3kr3shoZAaYxion9MrMuw