Boulder Opal YouTube Videos

The links below will take you to YouTube videos that I have published.
The first was shot in Koroit in June 2016 and features boulder opal mining activities at the Elusive mine together with images of recovered boulder opals.
The second is a slideshow with narration dealing with the restoration of completed boulder opal mine sites.
During 2017 I will be filming a series of documentaries at Koroit and Quilpie which will deal with the following subjects:
What is Boulder Opal?   How is Boulder Opal formed?   How do you find it?    How is it mined?
How is it cut?
These videos will be released late in 2017.

  1. Boulder Opal YouTube channel:
  2. Boulder Opal Mining at Koroit June 2016:
  3. Boulder Opal Minesite Rehabilitation Slideshow: